Funny Relationship Lessons


I’m so reluctant on posting this. Most is embarrassing rather than insightful but I guess I need to just suck it up and be honest. As I hang my head in shame and now and then bang my head off of the table…

First I’m not longer in a relationship. I guess my first lesson was that regardless of who I go out with, get engaged to or marry I will always find myself standing with the broom in my hand wondering if I can sweep him out the door and have him blow away in the wind. Just joking. My last relationship was a seven year rollercoaster ride. I still love him a great deal and he was the one man who brought out the best in me until the 7th year (hanging head). Continue reading


To Celebrate or Not To Celebrate


I’m currently not any relationship, and I’ve been single since 2009. Not sure if that’s a blessing for me or for the “would be boyfriend”. But I’m about as happy as someone can be who doesn’t have to worry about what to say, what do or what to wear and I’ve only worn makeup once or twice since April of 2009. Continue reading

Epic Fail



Lets just say I’ve not done my own Holiday Dinners since 2001!

Your probably sitting there with your eyebrow raised wondering why? Well lets just say my first try at a Thanksgiving Dinner went from good intentions and great organization to pumpkin pie all over the inside the oven, a barely warm turkey and a glass baking dish that wasn’t really a baking dish in pieces with squash everywhere. Continue reading

My Personal Bravery

Bravery is something I think is about heroic acts. Saving a life, risking one’s own life to help someone else out or doing an act that one wouldn’t normally due out of fear. I’m no hero by any means.personalbravery

I’ve not done anything like running into a burning building, jumping in front of an oncoming vehicle or train to push someone out of danger. I’ve not dived into the water to save someone drowning. I’m never in a situation to save the day.

Continue reading