About Me


Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Jean and I actually live in a small South Eastern town in Vermont. I’m forty-something, divorced and no children. I was diagnosed Bipolar and have PTSD and severe social anxiety. I live behind a laptop monitor and I decided it was time for me to start a real blog other than my usual pen-name writing blog.

I mainline coffee like most people mainline oxygen. I can’t live without it! And I’m also an animal lover. I grew up raising rabbits, turkeys, pheasants, a goose or two. Dogs and cats were a must in our house. On another note I was raised an only child. I’m a true Green Mountain Girl! I’ll admit I wasn’t for lace and ruffles and pink. I was more the jeans, t-shirt and outdoors getting dirty tom-girl! I hate the city and I really don’t ever wear skirts or dresses.

I am a fiction writer (albeit unpublished) who sticks with Horror, Paranormal, Thriller, and Apocalyptic/Dystopian. I’m finding a small part of me loves Non-Fiction Serial Killer books and even Fiction Thrillers about serial killers. My niche with writing flash fiction is more like modern day Twilight Zone meets Urban Legends. It’s fun and more an outlet for staying out of a dark depression than to make money or get published.

My dad encouraged my creativity from drawing, lettering to reading and writing. I currently do all four but mostly I read anything I can get my fingers on and write everyday.

My father died in 2004 from that destructive disease called Cancer and my mother is a cancer survivor (Breast Cancer). She’s my best friend after spending 32 years or so being nothing but a ‘Daddy’s Girl’.

I don’t watch a lot of television per-say but a few shows I’m a diehard fan of. The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Blacklist, Zombie Nation,  Voice and I just found Westworld on Starz channel yesterday. I’ve been binge watching that one to get caught up! And I “watch” One Life To Live too.

I am not a serious person except when it comes to my reading, writing and blogging.

I hope you find some interesting reads and please feel free to leave comments if you feel inclined to!

Thank you again for visiting and please always feel welcome and at home when perched with my blog on your laptop, tablet or mobile screens!

Much love,