What A Web I’ve Got Caught In – Day 2


Well, I must say I’m thankful for the emergency winter shelter getting me off the street and out of the cold last night. I was nervous, shy and very uncomfortable. However, some friendly people who got me set up with a cot, blankets, pillow and some more information I can put to use on Monday. My back is so sore but I spent a safe night indoors, that’s what counts.

Right now I’m trying to contact the Drop In for this weekend. I have to reserve my cot for the weekend and I’m told one thing and now no one is answering the phone. I’m getting a bit irate and a whole lot of attitude is developing.

The winter emergency shelter provides a meal in the evening and it was actually pretty good although I wasn’t really hungry I nibbled at a bit of everything except the desserts.

Now I’m off to see if I can fight to reserve my cot and pray I get it. If not I’m wandering the streets and freezing in the winds.

Hope your day is goes well!



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