Favorite Things About Winter


I have grown up and lived in New England, Vermont to be exact. We are popular for our maple syrups, green mountains, rustic but bustling towns and we used to have some amazing winters.

When I was a child I would always be looking forward to the Winter weather. Tons of snow deep fluffy snow! We don’t have that so much in the past few years. Our winters are either wet and cold with slushy snow barely a foot or two deep, or we have a huge snow fall of three or four feet in a couple of days and it melts off or freezes over like glass. I’m holding out for a winter this year that brings me back to childhood.

Taking the dog out and sliding down the hill out behind the house. Tromping paths and burying myself in the snow for the dog to come and find me. A favorite memory is of my dad and I going on the snowmobile and blazing trails for my sledding.

Now when I think of winter my favorite things about it is the quiet the snow brings. There’s a hush that comes with the fall of the snow and a couple of hours after. As though everything and everyone is holding thier breath. I love the beauty that snow seems to bring too. The pure white contrasting with the tree bark or the random old fence post. Winter is absolutely beautiful. Although I admit I can’t stand the cold as much as I used to. Age does that to a person. But I wouldn’t trade the clean, crisp smell of winter air, the pureness it brings and the glistening beauty it can have for anything.

What is your favorite thing(s) about Winter?


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