Behind The Blog Name


Behind every blog name is a story. Let’s just say behind mine is not exactly a story but more of a “Holy Coffee Beans, I can’t think of anything else!” reason I chose my blog name.

It’s pretty much it. I wracked my brain for weeks and googled everything I came up with. Seems as though my thinking was the same as half the world. So I grabbed a piece of paper and started doodling. I guess I was staring more at the television than what I was doodling and I realized in the midst of the messy doodles I had written mindlessly the statement:

‘Your Jean, just Jean’

And realized at that moment I am just Jean. But my dad’s nickname for me was Jeannie so I put JUST and JEANNIE together. I really couldn’t come up with anything else. Although I do have another blog name in mind since then, if I ever decide to change it or even start something different. But I am Jean, and simply me. I’m random and I love just being me. As boring as that sounds, and as boring as I may be. I think I have to admit that this blog is more for me than it is for any other reason at this point. Who knows things may change. I do have to admit that I’m learning something about myself each day. Maybe that was the soul purpose of this blog. Not saying there might not be a different purpose of the blog but right now it’s serving me, and giving me reason to ask myself questions and answer them.

What is your blog’s name and why did you choose that particular name?



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