Why I Started Blogging


The question hangs in the air like the strands of a willow tree’s branches.

Why do I blog?

Not exactly an easy question to be honest. I guess you could say I started to fit in with everyone else. Blogs are popular and just about everyone has one. Personally I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with it. I’m not a fashionista, I’m not a mom, I’m not exactly working, I don’t have an online business. Hell I don’t even have a paid host. So I originally started with a personal blog a while back to help me find the girly-girl inside me. She’s buried deep. But honestly I got bored of the 30 day challenges that seemed to ask me to post the same information every month. All the challenges seemed to be the same, just sounded different until I started posting.  I decided I wanted to share my writing so then started a blog for my fiction. That didn’t seem to be going very well. I got to the point where I felt no one really wanted to read about my writing woes and progress (or rather lack of progress). So that is sitting idle for the time being until I either figure out exactly what I want to do with an author blog. Before I started this one I started a book review blog but being a bookworm and a knitting addict in the cold months don’t work hand in hand. My inner reader is fighting for page time while my outter knitter me takes over. So long story short I wanted to restart finding the inner me. Hence the blog you are now reading. I started the BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo for this month but I’m finding alot of the prompts are things I really can’t relate to. So instead I’m still doing a post everyday for thirty days but using a different prompt list (shhh don’t tell). I’m trying to figure out exactly what kind of niche I want to do. I did start a knitting and crochet blog but it’s not ‘personal’ and only related to knitting and crocheting. I’m hoping I can figure out just what to turn this blog into by the new year. A month and a half of brainstorming and I hope I can figure it out!

Just to give you an idea..

As far as fashion, I’m more of a sweatpants, yoga pants kind of girl who wears jeans only on a rare occasion. I’m overweight so fashion is something I don’t bother with. I don’t dress up to please other people’s eyes. I can’t afford it for one thing and really if people can’t accept me when I’m dressed at my most comfortable then that’s fine with me. I rather be comfortable, relaxed and stress free and not worry about whether my shoes and purse look good together. I’d love to be a fashionista if I could.. but I can’t.

I’ve been married twice, not blessed with children so I have no motherly advice, no family lifestyle tidbits to share. I don’t travel and I’m pretty much a ‘shut-in’. I don’t go out and have fun, I don’t throw parties and I don’t cook big fancy meals.

I don’t have an online business, or work so I don’t have any advice in regards to that. I don’t even have a paid host to do affiliate advertising to make change for clicks or anything along those lines.

I make due with what I can even if it’s all free stuff. All things aside I really do need to find my niche.. my brand



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