Top Ten Movie List


There is nothing like curling up with a bowl of popcorn and a good movie. Personally I do a lot of binge watching of the previous seasons of my favorite television shows. However, there are some movies on my list of favorites. They are my “Go-To” movies when it’s a rainy day or even if I’m feeling a bit blue.

  1.  Hocus Pocus (I watch this during the fall over and over)
  2. Witches of Eastwick (Who doesn’t love a witchy movie full of laughs?)
  3. 50 Things I Hate About You (A chic flick from the good days)
  4. Save The Last Dance (Yes I love Julia Stiles can you tell?)
  5. Never Been Kissed (I was an awkward unpopular girl – Brings back memories of laughs and ‘awww moments)
  6. The Boondock Saints (1 and 2) *Lots of cussing but eye candy that has action and lughs*
  7. The Prestige (A little magic with a huge mind game – The plots thick in this movie)
  8. Demolition Man (I’m not a huge fan of  Stallone but this is my go to movie when I am blue)
  9. Silent Hill (Never played the game but the movie kept me on the edge of my seat and still does)
  10. The Hills Have eyes (Another movie I go to when I’m down or it’s a rainy day)

So there they are. Do you have a favorite movie you can recommend?



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