Ten Things About Me (You Didn’t Know)


I’m not a closed book but I’m not exactly an open book. Somethings I just don’t talk about because they never come up in conversations. Other things are just not that interesting (at least I think they aren’t) to other people. And a few things might be interesting but I don’t  think about revealing them. So today I talk about ten things about me that you didn’t know!

  1. I separate Skittles and M&M’s by colors in little ziploc baggies and eat one color at a time. I’m not sure why. I just can’t reach into the bag and eat what I pull out.
  2. I’m OCD when it comes to having to have everything in a certain place and when I clean and do dishes things have to be done in a certain order.
  3. I would prefer to spend time alone at home or in nature than out with friends. I’m a loner plain and simple.
  4. I love knitting and making my own patterns up. I want to do a knitting and crochet blog with patterns and resource links in the near future.
  5. I love to sketch and doodle but I never share them with the public since my favorite forum closed last year.
  6. I don’t trust people. I have very few friends outside of the interent. Due to social anxiety and I find I have a very hard time trusting anyone.
  7. I used to do website and blog design 2001 – 2006 and gave it up when I decided to do do tagging full time with writing tutorials.
  8. I used to create digital scrapbooking kits and supplies for sale but quit because it stopped being a fun hobby.
  9. I am homeless at the moment. I live in a tent in the woods while I look for work and save money to get a stable place to live.
  10. I’ve always dreamed of having a cabin in the woods away from everything and everyone and living off the land.

Welll that’s my ten things. Whew!  That was tough coming up with ten random facts that no one really has a clue about me 🙂


Is there something about you that most people don’t know?


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