To Celebrate or Not To Celebrate


I’m currently not any relationship, and I’ve been single since 2009. Not sure if that’s a blessing for me or for the “would be boyfriend”. But I’m about as happy as someone can be who doesn’t have to worry about what to say, what do or what to wear and I’ve only worn makeup once or twice since April of 2009.

The question is have I ever celebrated a breakup? Wel,l the answer to that big question is yes. But not out of relief or cruelty towards the ex. I celebrated after two divorces of my freedom and the relief that the abuse

I suffered in each of them at the time would never again be a part of my life. For the first celebration, it was me and my best friend, we took a road trip north and saw the foliage, came home, watched tv and got drunk and passed out. It was the first time of doing something I wanted without asking permission and being told “No”.

The second time was I went on a weekend getaway. All expenses paid trip to a huge mall and a motel room for two nights of relaxation, shopping, and bar-hopping. But I’ve not celebrated any other breakups, and I don’t think I ever would think about on doing it again. Those two “break ups” were the two biggest things in my life that turned a new page and deserved a celebration.


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