Politics Banned


I can imagine I’ll probably get some blowback for this post. So be it. Personally I stay away from anything religious, political and philosophical. I don’t like debates, drama and I hate having to rehash the obvious. Today’s prompt had me cringing. What would I like to say to Hillary Clinton today?

First let me start off by saying that I didn’t vote. Since I turned 21 years old I’ve not voted at all. Not even for local elections. I don’t know anyone running and personally I don’t agree with half of what they say. I’ve heard so many promises and they all have been broken. There is more going on behind the scenes than what we are made aware and I don’t think anyone who runs for an office regardless of what that office is should be able to run for an election of any kind if they can’t reveal thier own personal taxes, have any legal problems or have been in a power of position that they’ve done anything that has been scrutinized and under question and under investigation.

Hillary Clinton has from day one in my eyes has been a failure and I was no way going to root for someone who’s failed to do her job, has put other people in danger and possibly failed to do something that could have prevented. I don’t trust her period. My honest feeling and my reason for not supporting her. Everything she’s done is questionable.

So no I have nothing to say about her, or about our Presidential Elect Donald Trump. I only hope that he can “Make America Great” again!


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