Epic Fail



Lets just say I’ve not done my own Holiday Dinners since 2001!

Your probably sitting there with your eyebrow raised wondering why? Well lets just say my first try at a Thanksgiving Dinner went from good intentions and great organization to pumpkin pie all over the inside the oven, a barely warm turkey and a glass baking dish that wasn’t really a baking dish in pieces with squash everywhere.

My second husband and I had been only married 5 months, and wanted to have a dinner with my parents at our new apartment. Truth being told my husband and I didn’t have the same ideas when it came to cooking. I’d set the oven temp to one thing and he’d either come in and change it by turning it down, off or up. What ever he was thinking he’d never inform me about it either. He pretty much turned my cooking into a catastrophe and Thanksgiving was no different. He ended up thawing out the pumpkin pie so when I pulled it out of the box it went sloshing all over the place. I think I spent more time cleaning up pumpkin puree from the floor then I did anything else that day besides crying while my mother laughed like crazy. He turned down the oven so a turkey that should have been cooked and carved in 5 hours ended up taking 10 hours to cook and I asked him to buy some bread pans for home made bread, he bought glass one’s that I didn’t check to see if they were for oven use (they weren’t and they weren’t actually for bread loaves). Totally something that wasn’t meant to be. So since that day I’ve not ever done a dinner for a holiday since.


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