No Negativity (My No List)


I’ve learned in my “Forty-something  years” that there is so much negativity each day in my life. I never noticed it or really saw it for what it was. I never learned to handle any of it.

From drama queen friends (and yes I’ve had a few moments myself), Toxic people and situations, Stress from family, work, bills, and the list goes on. It’s endless. Hell for most days just breathing seemed to be a struggle and ended up a big old red negative on my list. I let it all soak into me, and ate it up thinking I’d release the stress and negativity later. Later never came. Talk about an emotional build up! Wow it was like my brain decided it was going to declare martial law and go into hiding while everything else ran rabid. Depressed, emotional, and explosive. I was getting sick and I wasn’t accomplishing anything. just adding to the negative.

Finally on October 30th I did something. Something drastically different. I chose to get rid of the negativity, the toxicity that was building up. Destress and center myself every day. Twice a day. It’s only been five days since I started on November 1st. But I have seen and felt a change.

I do yoga early afternoon, I meditate before getting out of bed in the morningand when I get into bed at night. I also have a “No Negative List”.

  • SAY NO – Learn and practice saying “No” to those who impact me negatively. Who are always asking favors but not reciprocating them.
  • NO extending myself beyond my comfort and abilities
  • No self doubts – “Today I can, Tomorrow I will”
  • No punishing myself – If I fail I will pick myself back up and try again. Reminding myself “At least I’m trying”.
  • No letting others make me feel like I am not worth it.
  • No putting off what I can successfuly accomplish
  • No giving up my “Me time” – Self care is my priority

And there are others that can be added as well. But this is a list of the main one’s. I really believe that making a choice to do something positive for myself and making it a daily ritual (Notice I didn’t say HABIT – I really despise that word!). It can be life changing. And yes there will be days where I slip. I expect that. But six days of positive will beat that one day of negative!

Is there something you do (a ritual or pattern) to stay positive?


6 thoughts on “No Negativity (My No List)

  1. Visiting from NaBloPoMo. Nice post. Affirmations are helpful. Jot down a few positive ones and say them aloud daily for a month. You’d be amazed at the changes that will come about from this simple exercise.


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