Fall TV – Sack ’em!


I don’t watch a lot of television period. I tend to read and write more than glue my rear to the couch and the reason for that is because lately it’s all re-runs and new seasons bring mindless shows that most of the time make no rhyme or reason. I like plots, I like being sucked into the story and relating to the characters.

My choices this year that I’d love to seee sacked and taken to the “garbage heap” are the following:

  1. All reality based shows regarding the Bachelor or Bachelorette (seriously these people can’t find dates?)
  2. Atlanta – I watched three episodes and found it way too random. Nothing made any sense to me
  3. All celebrity reality shows. – Really?! Who cares what you do and I really think you all need to find a real life!
  4. 2 Broke Girls – so far out there that I think if any “2 girls that pathetic, need to be committed”
  5. Impastor – So much of this show seems like a bad B-movie that got chopped on the editing floor then put on television just to see if anyone would watch it.
  6. Son of Zorn – Holy crap a woman married a barbaric cartoon?! WTF are we that mindless?
  7. Family Guy – God forbid my child watched this show. Family shouldn’t even be part of the title. Nasty and I think I’d have better entertainment watching a goat eat up a pasture.
  8. MacGyver & Lethal Weapon (Two for the price of one) – PLEASE leave the older shows and movies alone. Remaking them are not going to bring nostalgia back. They don’t even have the feel of the originals in any way at all.
  9. Super Store – I watched one episode and sat shaking my head in disgust. Way too pathetic for me. The characters are like something out of a mindless store clerk who thought they were good at comedy when they came up with the idea of this show..and on top of it, do they even have a budget for filming?
  10. Scream Queens – Okay I so love Jamie Lee Curtis. I’ve been a die hard fan of hers but this tv show really does nothing for me at all. Better scripting and making it more of a horror show for late night tv might be better than the half-hearted dialogue and really gosh-aweful effects.

Okay so that covers the top ten but really I had almost 30 shows just for the fall season. Ha I’m too nit-picky maybe. I think a really good book puts a lot of television shows (regardless of the season) in a shadow. My imagination and interest gets held when there’s a great plot, relevant dialogue and some realistic acting (yes even in books the characters can act). Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got favorites that I watch like an addict.


  1. The Walking Dead (I’m not sure but I think Norman Reedus has me hooked instead of the zombies!)
  2. Westworld – Okay a spin off of the original movie but OMG the entire binge watching I did.. this being on STARZ I think helps..they had a budget and the effects and action are incredible
  3. The Blacklist – Fan from season one episode one! Great concept, amazing dialogue and the plot keeps getting better!
  4. Chicago Fire – I think I watch it just so see the guys saving the day!
  5. Chicago Med – I feel the emotions with this show. Glued to the screen
  6. Chicago PD – Although some things are a bit off hand that most cops wouldn’t get away with I love the fact they fight so hard to catch the bad guy (and kick some ass too)
  7. Criminal Minds – Die hard fan from Episode 1 season 1 until now. I miss Morgan but I love everything about this show!
  8. NCIS – McGee is my crush! I watch because of him, and who doesn’t adore Pauly?!
  9. American Horror Story – Far fetched but a great way to spend an hour eating popcorn and jotting down plot bunnies?
  10.  Aftermath – So real and plausible it’s mind bending!

I don’t take television seriously but as someone who has to be engaged I guess I’d lose out on a job as one of the people who determine what shows stay and which one’s get cancelled! Bah it’s all good. Nothing like spending an hour during a bad show and blogging, writing or reading!


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