What A Web I’ve Got Caught In – Day 2


Well, I must say I’m thankful for the emergency winter shelter getting me off the street and out of the cold last night. I was nervous, shy and very uncomfortable. However, some friendly people who got me set up with a cot, blankets, pillow and some more information I can put to use on Monday. My back is so sore but I spent a safe night indoors, that’s what counts. Continue reading




Truth is right now I’m emotional and I’ve sat here most of the night in tears. I’ve been fighting with myself. The fighter in me says I can get through this and I’ll come out on top. It’s a challenge I can over come. But the weak, dependant part of me says to throw up my hands and give up. It’s easy to say, easy to do but it gets me absolutely no where Continue reading

Expected & Unpleasant


It’s been a while since I posted and figured I’d get you caught up on the happenings of my life. I do have to let you know that I do not know how often I’ll be posting but will do what I can, when I can. Continue reading


Morning Coffee


I thought I’d treat you to a cup of morning coffee and a croissant or other delicious pastry for breakfast and catch up with you a bit. Something I’d like to do each Friday. Continue reading


Favorite Things About Winter


I have grown up and lived in New England, Vermont to be exact. We are popular for our maple syrups, green mountains, rustic but bustling towns and we used to have some amazing winters. Continue reading


Behind The Blog Name


Behind every blog name is a story. Let’s just say behind mine is not exactly a story but more of a “Holy Coffee Beans, I can’t think of anything else!” reason I chose my blog name. Continue reading


Why I Started Blogging


The question hangs in the air like the strands of a willow tree’s branches.

Why do I blog?

Continue reading